UX Planning, Creation & Development

UX Planning, Creation & Development

User Experience Creation

Zigron focuses on creating simple, usable and beautiful rich user experiences (UX) for all users  connected to  our applications and products, to  maximize customer satisfaction and streamline business operations. Well-designed user interfaces (UI) are essential to both these goals, especially in today’s data-driven, on-demand world.

Zigron creates unique UX and UI designs for specific challenges or for our clients and their users. These designs provide intuitive status and control to users, pushing less frequently accessed complexity under information drill-down objects. This creative approch complements the numerous technical advantages of Zigron solutions.

User Experience Modernization

Zigron understands that over the period of time, enterprise applications become extremely large thus complicated; they need a complete overhaul to remain competitive in the market place. We collaborate with your core team to provide a very exciting User Experience with a “wow” factor and a 21st century look and feel.

User Experience Unification

As businesses grow and build new products/platforms or perform M&A’s, they end up with a completely different look and feel. Customers get really frustrated when there is no uniformity in the look and feel for different products and platforms. This becomes a real challenge in the market place from a brand perspective/marketing and often affects sales in a negative direction.


Advanced Data Visualization

It’s meaningful, It’s interactive
It converts Big Data into Comprehensive & Decisive Visual Discovery to meet today’s advanced data exploration challenges.

Advanced Data Visualization – Portfolio Examples


User Experience Solution Capabilities

Zigron understands this challenge and helps organizations unify their multiple platforms and products with the same look and feel and user experience. This helps organizations to stand out in the market place, close more deals by spending less on marketing.

Emerging corporations look to us to help them with disruptive, millennial generation solutions.

  • Rich, cross-browser and platforms interfaces
  • Latest HTML5 technologies and supporting frameworks
  • UIs that are modular, extensible and maintainable
  • Single page apps as well as more complex UIs with multiple modules
  • Dynamic screens with live charts, graphs, and tables
  • Porting from old-school, static page apps to dynamic experiences with JavaScript and Angular JS
  • Develop a custom UI / UX framework to accelerate your teams productivity, utilizing efficiency-enhancing packages and frameworks
  • Advise your team on patterns, practices, and policies for effective UX / UI development

Common User Experience Challenges

Common Customer Experience Problems

  • Volume of information overwhelms outdated UIs
  • Level of information detail surpasses end user skill set
  • Screen hopping and scrolling decreases efficiency
  • Views inconsistent across platforms & devices Incompability with web & cloud

Zigron User Experience Solutions

  • Hide complexity under simple top level displays and dashboards
  • Navigate layers of detail with ’one-click’ drill-down
  • Design intuitive, single-pane interfaces; each optimized for a specific user
  • Maintain a consistent experience across browsers, OSs & devices
  • Seamlessly integrate with other IT platforms
  • Enable custom views for unique end user requirements