Multi-Platform Product Development & Modernization

Multi-Platform Product Development & Modernization

New Product Development

Zigron transforms the ideas and visions of our clients into deployable products that enable their businesses. Whether the client is a startup with an innovative idea or an existing enterprise in need of a modernized product update, they can leverage the multi-disciplinary development expertise of Zigron to deliver an exceptional product with rich experience to their users. From ideation, prototyping, MVPs, architecture to development, deployment, quality assurance, deployment, training, documentation, technical support, maintenance and performance engineering, Zigron, as a Strategic Technology Partner, caters to all your product development needs.

Zigron follows a proven development process (agile, SCRUM, iterative) to define, develop, deploy and enhance connected applications that support multiple-platforms. Zigron emphasizes the use of common development platforms and open architectures for maximum and multiple platform development efficiency including application agility.

New Product Development Framework

Legacy Product Re-Architecture and Enhancements

The goal of an application modernization project is to create new business value from existing applications. Keeping legacy applications running smoothly can be a time-consuming, resource-intensive process, especially when the software becomes so outdated that it becomes incompatible with newer versions of the underlying operating system (OS) or system hardware.

Zigron helps Telecom, Satellite, Wireless, M2M and IoT companies re-architect and modernize their product(s) and applications to adapt in-demand technology such as SaaS, Cloud and Mobile Enablement besides enhancing applications, including development of new features and functionalities.

Zigron’s team can sit with your business visionaries and align your legacy product(s) more closely with your current business needs by refactoring, re-purposing or consolidation of your legacy software programming.