Connected Data Analytics

Connected Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics & Visualization Platform

Zigron unlocks the decision making value of the information that connected applications, products and platforms collect. We incorporate powerful data analytics and advanced visualizations tools within connected applications. These tools not only provide real-time, fine-grained insight into operational conditions, but also deeply analyze the data to help expose subtle trends and predict future events.

Zigron data scientists and business domain experts work with clients to define data models, intelligent filters and expert system algorithms that reveal valuable information hidden in the vast volume of raw data gathered by connected applications. Custom, advanced data visualization displays, designed by Zigron UX/UI experts, reveal this information in intuitive formats (without the need of keyboard usage). These displays are interactive, enabling the user to quickly bring the relevant information first before drilling down and explore more related information.

Big Data Platform Overview


Big Data Tools & Technologies

Tools & Technologies
Data Storage Tools & Technologies (Warehousing) NoSQL databases, Amazon RedShift, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB+AWS services, DB2, Oracle 12c
Data Processing Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Jaql, Ooozie, Zookeeper, Avro Lucene, Sphinx, Amazon EMR, ETL Process
Data Informatics Algorithms built based on the models to process data
Advanced Data Visualization PolyMaps, NodeBox, Flot, ProcessingOrg, D3Js, Tangle, FontFont, RaphaelJs, HighCharts, JQPlot, Gmaps, MapBox, Leaflet
Architectural Approaches ROA (Resource Oriented Approach), Amazon Redshift (Amazon Warehouse), CBSE – Component-Based Software Engineering, ETL(Extract, Transform & Load Approaches)
Languages Java, NodeJs, Php, AngularJs, ROA (Resource Oriented Architecture)
Application Servers Apache, Apache Tomcat, GlassFish, Nginx(Engine-x), Lucene, Sphinx, Amazon EMR, ETL Process
BI & Analytic Tools Pentaho (A Comprehensive Platform for Data lntagntion & Business Analytics)

Common Information Architecture Challenges

Common Problems with Existing Information Architectures

  • Volume and velocity of data overwhelms traditional databases
  • Data association and correlation inhibited by application silos
  • Value of information untapped due to lack of analysis tools

Zigron Big Data Solutions

  • Integrate scalable, cost-effective Big Data frameworks
  • Federate information from many applications for global analysis
  • Reveal hidden patterns with advanced informatics & analytics algorithms
  • Create sophisticated visualization tools that highlight trends and relationships
  • Create data-driven modeling tools to accurately predict future results