Will 2009 Be The Year Of iPhone Gaming?

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    Almost all of us have played a mobile game at least once in lifetime. This fact makes mobile gaming the most active area of mobile content. The question that why people play mobile games may have many answers but a simple answer is simplicity and ease of use of these games, so anyone can play them anywhere. The popularity of mobile games can be analyzed from the fact that, the first question that raised with the launch of iPhone was, “Where are iPhone games?”.

    knibbleTechnology has always revolutionized things, especially the entertainment economy. Innovations like touchscreen have renovated the business economy till yet, but it’s just one half, the other and the big one lies in the entertainment economy. iPhone when launched was an innovation in the mobile handsets and sort of threat for the competitors, but since mobile is the industry with a lot of business models associated with it, it’s now having impact on many other areas of economy, especially the marketing industry with ad-funded games and applications. Particularly in gaming, it’s also considered as Nintendo and Sony PSP’s rival, being richer in experience, and providing same sort of game development environment to the developers.  One other reason for the popularity of iPhone is the network gaming experience it gives with simple WiFi connections, that’ll get richer with 3G.

    The reason for iPhone to revolutionize the arena of mobile marketing is nothing other than that it’s the best mobile gaming platform as compared to others existing in the market. And, it’s not just the iPhone buzz, instead the facts. According to the stats released by AOL in the mid of 2008, iPhone gamers generate four times of the page views as compared to players with other handsets, i.e. iPhone players have an average session of 21 minutes with 65 page views, while for others an average session is of 11 minutes with 15 page views.

    Screen Digest which is a Global Media Market Research firm, reports that by 2012, advertising on mobile will worth $2.79 billion, and ad-funded games download will go upto 60 million per year [Source]. Since it’ll be touchscreen, ruling the mobile gaming world in near future, iPhone sounds to have the major market share. But the reason for iPhone’s lead in the market is not touchscreen only, instead it’s price and it’s popularity among all age groups and from different spheres of life, while other touchscreen handsets are having a target market of business professionals.

    All above is my limited research, and m’ sure that iPhone will have lead in mobile gaming in the coming year. I’ll, however, appreciate if I happen to find some twist in this whole scene, with some authentic information.

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