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We are an Information Technology services providing company. We are currently working with many high growing early stage and mid/large companies in Telecom, Wireless, Broadcast, Satellite, IoT, M2M and Networks verticals.



There is no longer a division between Telecom and Enterprise. In the 21st century, these networks are coming together. It is called Convergence. Both enterprise and Telecom are deeply involved with advanced data analytics, virtualization (SDN and NVF) Cloud, the demand for next generation security, and the migration…

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The Internet of things (IoT) will be the next benchmark in connecting devices worldwide.The industrial applications  will keep updating to stay connected with the evolving world . The desire to improve productivity both on the manufacturing floor, in the oil fields, monitoring water supplies-real-time, and new intelligent..

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Today’s CIOs understand the relevancy of Machine to machine (M2M), and the automated communication of data between connected devices. This technology has moved beyond its decades of use in utilities, transport, and heavy industry into the mainstream, empowering CIOs to deliver real value, cost savings, and innovation to…

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Zigron has developed complete IP TV platforms from scratch. In this media driven world, SDN and NFV become the reality as broadcasters move from legacy systems to an IP world. Zigron facilitates with management tools and provides that comprehensive look and feel. Now broadcast users can see this through a single pane of glass on..

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Our Company

Zigron is a US-based Company with offices in Pittsburgh PA and Northern VA. It has been in business since 2006.

Zigron specializes in Cloud and SaaS based solutions, Big Data Analytics, New Platform/Product Development, Rich User Experience, User Experience Modernization/Unification and Advanced Data Visualization in Telecom, Wireless, Broadcast, Satellite, M2M and Networks.
Zigron has a facility in Cheswick, Pennsylvania, in the DC metro area, and a facility with a world-class infrastructure in Islamabad, Pakistan. Zigron has historically worked with a large number of early stage, mid and top tier companies.

Over the last 10 years, Zigron has worked with more than 70 plus companies.

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Our Services

Ultimate IT services for Automation Tools. We develop business models to automate tasks which were traditionally manual.

Multi-Platform Product


Multi-Platform Product Development

Multi-platform development involves the creation of a single program which operates on multiple operating systems. This often includes Windows, Linux, Mac, and Mobile. Some applications can even deliver a consistent experience across desktop/mobile, although they aren’t necessarily written in the traditional cross-platform sense (i.e. they may look and function the same, but use completely different technologies under the hood). An example of this is Mine craft – Java on the desktop, and C++ on Windows mobile/Android/iOS/Xbox.

Application &
Device Integration


Application & Device Integration

Zigron can help clients take mobility to a much more refined level. We believe that there is a distinct difference between a mobile application and a comprehensive mobile strategy. An application is a wireless way for customers or clients to share information or conduct business. More important, mobile strategy takes the end user into consideration. Empowerment is the objective and to successfully do this, access to your business/operational information and services is critical. If you are looking to give your customers value-added services (e.g. mobile-only sales, wireless payment options, exclusive features), Zigron can help you get creative and take your image/brand to the next level.

UX Planning, Creation
& Development


UX Planning, Creation & Development

Zigron has extensive creative management experience and works with some of the thought leaders in the creative fields. Each creative engagement is individualized using designers, photographers, developers, illustrators and fabricators. Our creative team understands that is all about the data. We collaborate effectively with our core team ensuring that in this  high speed connected world that you get a 21st century solution that not only leap-frog your competition,but makes that data beautiful, intuitive, interactive, and actionable. We can take your networking, communications, and wireless challenges from initial concept to finished execution.

Connected Data


Connected Data Analytics

Organizations need intelligence in order to make more effective decisions about their business. Some of these examples include how to enhance customer engagements, using data analytics to uncover new revenue opportunities such as with SDN deployment, optimize operations, achieve organizational effectiveness, and reduce potential security threats. Analytics are required to gather this intelligence. Often, the traditional approach of moving data to a centralized data store for analysis doesn’t work in today’s very connected world. Data is widely distributed, has a short shelf life, or there is just too much to move fast enough. Zigron has built numerous data analytics engines. Our unique methodology and implementation strategies go deep into the data, presents it in a way that is meaningful, and does intuitively mine that data and then turns that data into actionable business insight in real time.



Quality Assurance

Zigron QA services team has over 9 years of expertise in software testing and automation services. We have successfully delivered more than 65 bug free applications to our customers. Our Test and QA team closely collaborates with our clients and helps them to take advantage of the 24 hour clock, ensuring fresh code when they start their business day. We provide cost-effective testing services for Mobile, Web and Desktop applications. Zigron has a team of test engineers ranging from manual to automation testing that also has deep domain knowledge. With this expertise and comprehensive domain knowledge, Zigron guarantees to deliver quality products. Most competitors have a “test group”. We have a test team that has been involved with the development of over 70 platforms. Our level of testing and QA detail goes beyond just your domain knowledge. Instead, it includes expertise in the latest testing and QA methodologies and technologies, best testing practices and QA, as well as the use of current tools including open-source platforms.

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